Integration with pxGrid

One obvious trend in IT security is a driveway towards deeper integration across safety layers and systems. In Situational , we consider integration across system, device, identity and application safety is a really strong prevention weapon and measure contrary to the most tumultuous cyber security attacks. It's a belief we discuss with our partners in Cisco and we're very excited to become emphasized in the modern Cisco ISE 2.1 launching announcements. Situational has tapped to the pxGrid to come up with a solution that assesses the circumstance of every request for source and shields software from accounts receivable and other frequent cyber dangers.

Situational is designed from the floor up to de rocess wide collections of security intelligence from multiple systems (ISE, MDM, etc.) and roll them into technical requirements, electronic nforce real time program privileges according to location, device position, user behaviour and other contextual variables, de rovide easy drag and drop coverage authoring

Our integration using pxGrid permits us to tap into strong identity, device, and community data from the Cisco infrastructure and also utilize that information to ascertain fine grained access rights. By sourcing a whole contextual image of a session, Situational can immediately evaluate the overall security position of a session and then assign the right entry level.

Situational's pxGrid integration has been handled via UI that provide IT's safety policy group a intuitive and easy to use UX and process of the design, implementation and evaluation of security policie