How to Lessen Mobile-Data Security Risk

For many small business professionals now, innovative smartphones like iPhones, Androids, Windows Mobiles and BlackBerrys will be the principal method to access business resources and applications.Ask modern company users to select between their telephones and their notebooks, and several would happily throw the latter off. Continue Reading

Situational and Cisco Partner to Fight Account Hijacking

One clear trend in IT security is a drive towards deeper integration across security systems and layers. At Situational, we believe integration across network, device, application and identity security is a very powerful prevention measure and weapon against the most disruptive cyber security attacks. It is a belief we share with our partners at Cisco… Continue Reading

Integration with pxGrid

In Situational, we consider integration across system, device, identity and application safety is a really strong prevention weapon and measure contrary to the most tumultuous cyber security attacks. It's a belief we discuss with our partners in Cisco and we're extremely excited to be emphasized in the current Cisco ISE 2.1 launching statements. Continue Reading