Situational and Cisco Partner to Fight Account Hijacking

One clear trend in IT security is a drive towards deeper integration across security systems and layers. At Situational , we believe integration across network, device, application and identity security is a very powerful prevention measure and weapon against the most disruptive cyber security attacks. It is a belief we share with our partners at Cisco and we are very excited to be highlighted in today’s Cisco ISE 2.1 launch announcements.

The rapid expansion of the Cisco pxGrid Ecosystem is driven by strong market demand for tighter integration between security products. Situational has tapped into the pxGrid to develop a solution that assesses the context of each request for resource and protects applications from account hijacking and other common cyber threats.

Situational is designed from the ground up to:

  • Process broad sets of security intelligence from multiple systems (ISE, MDM, etc.) and roll them up into actionable conditions.
  • Enforce real time application privileges based on location, device posture, user behavior and other contextual factors
  • Provide simple drag and drop policy authoring

Our integration with pxGrid allows us to tap into powerful identity, device, and network information from the Cisco infrastructure and use that information to determine fine grained access privileges. By sourcing a full contextual picture of a session, Situational can quickly assess the overall security posture of a session and assign the appropriate access level.

The beauty of Situational’s pxGrid Connector is its straightforward simplicity – Its power is not marred by complexity. Situational’s pxGrid integration is managed via UI that offer IT’s security policy team an intuitive and easy to use UX and method for the design, evaluation and implementation of security policie s.